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Helping people quit smoking became something we did at Smithtown Wellness when family members of our Staff in the office here had a hard time quitting.  Like many people, they had tried multiple methods, including medications that induced hallucinations, and were fed up with the lack of results.

Since Chiropractic works with the nervous system, helping our patients get off a known neurological toxin like smoking was an easy choice to make for our practice.

Smoking, and other habits that have become addictions, can be neutralized by 'resetting' an area in the brain responsible for perpetuating the addiction.  

Auriculotherapy  for smoking cessation employed at Smithtown Wellness utilizes two main methods  that stimulate points on the body to bring about an end to your smoking addiction.  One is via a hand-held electrical device and the other is through the use of a cold-laser.  A cold-laser simply emits light of various wavelengths and intensities over the auricular point(s) needed for treatment.  This generates NO heat which is why the term ''cold'' has been assigned to it. 

These points are a combination of eastern and western science as some are traditional acupuncture points and some are points that correlate with points in the brain and body.

The current cost of a pack of cigarettes around Suffolk County and the Smithtown area is about $12.  So, if you smoke on average a pack a day, that totals $360 A MONTH or more!  That's a car payment!!! 

Most of our patients report a break in their addiction in as little as ONE visit!  Please do not hesitate and set up your appointment NOW!   Your life is at stake!

If you were sent here as a result of your company's health fair, make sure you note that in the corporate client field to receive any available discounts.

Also, if you have a friend, buddy or loved one who wants to 'quit' with you, please inquire about our multiple-same-day appointment discounts!  Alternatively, if you have 4 or more people willing to quit, arrangements (depending on distance) can be made for Dr. Brunengraber to COME TO YOU! Again, inquire by clicking the contact form below.

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