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About Us and Our Chiropractor Smithtown NY Residents Can Benefit from

Here at Smithtown Wellness, we work to provide natural healing techniques and chiropractic care to our patients and we are located in Smithtown, NY. We seek to help our patient’s bodies heal themselves. We can also seek to help prevent health problems through chiropractic care and natural wellness techniques and guidance. Our “chiropractor near me” is here to provide a “chiropractic adjustment near me” to help you get pain relief and pain management.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Brunengraber

Our chiropractor, Dr. Brunengraber, believes that our bodies can heal themselves through natural wellness techniques and chiropractic care. He strives to provide his patients with the right techniques and treatment methods to suit their needs. With the ability to help take measures to reduce the risks of pain and illness before they become a problem, Dr. Brunengraber works to help his patients be the healthiest they can be. He has worked in the field for over 24 years and has experience working with many people. He can also provide prenatal chiropractic care.

We are a wellness center with a focus is on the natural health and wellness of each of our patients on an individual level. Our treatment plans involve non-invasive techniques as well as the implementation of chiropractic care, nutritional guidance, and wellness coaching. We strive to work with you to choose the right customized treatment plan to suit your pain management and prevention needs.

Natural and Holistic Care

At Smithtown Wellness, we work to do what we can to make sure our patients have positive experiences in our care. Some of the benefits of chiropractic care are that it is natural, holistic, and non-invasive. We do not rely on potentially harmful drugs to get you the pain management and pain relief that you might be looking for. We also seek to avoid surgery. We know that surgery can have long and painful recovery periods and our care can help you get relief without it.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor Smithtown NY Residents Can Benefit from

If you do a Google search for "chiropractor near me" or "chiropractic adjustment near me", we at Smithtown Wellness might be one of the top search results. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with our chiropractor. You can call us at (631) 361-9355. We are here to help you get pain relief and pain management using chiropractic care techniques without the use of potentially harmful drugs or invasive surgeries. We serve Smithtown, NY, and the surrounding areas. 


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