Miracles or simply the body healing?
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Miracles or simply the body healing?

A male patient in his 20's came in last month for lower back pain.  Upon examination, it was clear that he had bad eczema along his forearms and little to no hearing in his left ear.

He reported to me how he was under medical care for both conditions and that for the past few years, he has had no resolution with his hearing and that his eczema was treated with various pills and creams, only to have slight lessening of the rashes that would come back in a few days.

His doctors had found no 'problems' with his ear.  Nothing inside them. No nerve damage.  But why couldn't he hear?

I started adjusting him to correct various vertebral subluxations I found along his spine.  These misalignments were interfering with his nervous system's ability to function properly not to mention, causing him severe distress in his lower spine.

 After 2 visits, he came in and showed me his arms.  His eczema looked as if it was HALF GONE!  No supplements.  No medications.  Only his body healing due to his nervous system being free from interference.

After 3 weeks, he comes in and says that his low back was a little sore over the weekend.  He had been working all day and was standing during all of it.  But then he said something else like there was a silver lining in all of it.

"But I can hear out of my left ear now!",  he exclaimed.  Three years of going to ENTs and nobody could figure it out.  I'm not saying that I figured it out.  His BODY figured it out.  It just needed NO interference in which to heal itself.  That's how simple it is.  

How vertebral subluxations affect your body's health is profound.  Removing them helps ensure your body's ability to heal is working to it's capabilities.  Subluxations rob your body of health and are easily identified by your Chiropractor.  Have everyone you love checked today! 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've known Scott for many, many, years but you don't do biz with folks you know so I asked him for a referral to a ENT because I was suffering from vertigo for a few years and it was driving me nuts. He said, "Just come here and let's see what's up." He wanted to run x-rays first so he asked if I was pregnant. I said I wasn't but that we've been trying for about a year. He said that he wouldn't be surprised if I got pregnant after a few adjustments. Well, he was right on all counts! My vertigo was gone after about a visit or two and I was pregnant within the month! ... he's been helping with my pregnancy woes and pains and no reoccurrence of vertigo!"
    Sharon R. - Hauppauge, NY
  • "Everyone at Smithtown Wellness goes out of their way to create a positive environment that is conducive to good health. Dr. Scott is very knowledgable and is always willing to share that information with others. We began seeing Dr. Scott while my partner was pregnant with our second daughter. His expertise facilitated a beautiful home birth by ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis. Our newborn had her first adjustment at just 10 days old!! Smithtown Wellness is more than a business, its a family of people that really care."
    Justin M. - Mt. Sinai, NY