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Outside-In vs. Inside Out

Outside-in vs. Inside-out

What do you think of when I say, ‘’outside-in vs. inside-out”?  Seeing as this is a health column, you can already start to guess as to where I’m going with this.

Do you subscribe to the philosophy of healing coming from outside of your body or do you recognize and honor the body’s innate way of healing itself from within?

When you cut yourself, what happens?  If it’s not a heavy and deep gash, your skin works at sending repair cells and fluids to ‘’glue’’ your skin back together, doesn’t it?  When a bone breaks, doesn’t the body do the healing even if you use a cast to keep the bone straight while it does it’s job?

Why then do we feel the need to always throw a medication or a surgical procedure at every little health issue? Sure, you may have the need for a medication or procedure here or there, but how many of us look to those options FIRST in non-urgent cases?  A whole LOT of people do.  The US is THE number one market for pharmaceutical sales in the world.  So, what are we getting for all of that money spent on medicine consumption?

-37th in healthcare systems worldwide

-31 in life expectancy

-5th in under-5-years-old INFANT MORTALITY!!!!

Should I go on?

This isn’t a rant on drugs being bad.  They’re necessary in certain cases, but can’t we all agree that there is a very high chance that they’re being over-prescribed and over-utilized in our country?

Treat our bodies as you would treat any expensive machine.  Give it what it needs, not what it doesn’t.  Just because we can eat junk, doesn’t mean we should.   Americans, for the most part, abuse their bodies.  Lack of sleep, proper nutrition, little to no exercise, poor maintenance habits….all conspire to rob us of our health.  How many outside-in treatments could we eliminate if we corrected, or at least, optimized, these facets of our lives? 

What if we actually looked at caring for that intricate framework of nerves that controls and coordinates our life-force?  How many of us employ neurological balancing techniques to achieve that goal?  Not many I’m afraid.

There are many life-enhancing adjuncts you can add to your lifestyle in order to help optimize your existence.  In my office, I focus on the science and art of chiropractic…a healing method that removes areas of interference along the nervous system so that this magnificent communication system can get back to doing what it does best…acting as the main interface between our bodies and our environment.  Once this work has been initiated, we can then employ the other adjuncts I mentioned earlier in this article and work on optimizing the other facets of one’s life.

Take these words to heart…and don’t limit these healthy changes to just you…involve your entire family, especially your children.  Does it make sense to allow a child to develop at a disadvantage or does it make sense to help their bodies work from the inside-out and develop their health BEFORE the body goes into breakdown and develops signs and symptoms of dysfunction?  It probably now seems elementary and basic…but remember, most of us have been conditioned to think the opposite. 

They’d rather search for some outside-in intervention as they have bee conditioned to do.  Well, these people can do WAY BETTER for themselves and               so can you.


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  • "I've known Scott for many, many, years but you don't do biz with folks you know so I asked him for a referral to a ENT because I was suffering from vertigo for a few years and it was driving me nuts. He said, "Just come here and let's see what's up." He wanted to run x-rays first so he asked if I was pregnant. I said I wasn't but that we've been trying for about a year. He said that he wouldn't be surprised if I got pregnant after a few adjustments. Well, he was right on all counts! My vertigo was gone after about a visit or two and I was pregnant within the month! ... he's been helping with my pregnancy woes and pains and no reoccurrence of vertigo!"
    Sharon R. - Hauppauge, NY
  • "Everyone at Smithtown Wellness goes out of their way to create a positive environment that is conducive to good health. Dr. Scott is very knowledgable and is always willing to share that information with others. We began seeing Dr. Scott while my partner was pregnant with our second daughter. His expertise facilitated a beautiful home birth by ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis. Our newborn had her first adjustment at just 10 days old!! Smithtown Wellness is more than a business, its a family of people that really care."
    Justin M. - Mt. Sinai, NY