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  • Upsetting the Pyramid
    Upsetting the pyramid. It’s taken a few decades, but finally we as a nation have dismantled the food pyramid.  One cannot even call it outdated, for calling it such implies that Read more
  • Stress and Gut Health
    The relationship between gut health and stress levels explained in brief Read more
  • Insulin - a major contributor to chronic disease
    A brief look at the culprit often overlooked with regards to chronic disease development, Insulin Read more
  • Spring Cleaning!
    Healthy Living     by Dr. Scott Brunengraber Spring is upon us!  Get out the brooms, swiffers, storage containers from the attic…it’s time for spring cleaning!  Sure, we all go through Read more
  • Outside-In vs. Inside Out
    Outside-in vs. Inside-out What do you think of when I say, ‘’outside-in vs. inside-out”?  Seeing as this is a health column, you can already start to guess as to where I’m Read more
  • Your brain, health and healing
    Many of us have heard how our bodies regenerates cells at a rate that equals what is basically a new body every 7 years or so.  Cells replicate and give Read more
  • Sun...and the weather
    With all the heat that NY has been getting, more and more people are seeking relief by either cooping up indoors with the A/C on full blast, or lounging pool/beach Read more
  • Allergies, colds and the flu
    With fall now taking over, people's allergies have started up again.  Runny noses, sniffling, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes...all uncomfortable.  Some have also been noticing a recurrence of the common cold Read more
  • New Website!
    Hello everybody!!!  Our new website is now up and running...please feel free to check it out.  We have exciting benefits to our website members...exclusive content, the ability to receive our Read more
  • Star Wars Day? Really?
    I was quite amused today when Vikki, who works my front desk, said that today was Star Wars Day?  I said, 'really?'.  She replied with 'May the fourth be with Read more
  • Over 30lbs lost in 45 days!!!
    Well, after starting Take Shape For Life back in February, the weight just started to melt off after a few days.  In the first 10 days I had lost 10lbs Read more
  • Do you want or need to lose weight?
    Weight loss.  Obesity.  Overweight.  Flabby.  All are terms we don't care to think about nor have associated with us.  Yet obesity is an epeidemic in this country and it's spiraling Read more
  • Well...what are you waiting for?
    It's January.  You know what that means.  Resolutions.  Change.  Make a difference. Most Americans choose this time of year to get back into shape.  The motivation is higher now, but will Read more
  • Miracles or simply the body healing?
    A male patient in his 20's came in last month for lower back pain.  Upon examination, it was clear that he had bad eczema along his forearms and little to Read more
  • Pediatric Health Talk tonite at Wild by Nature Setauket!
    Tonite I will be presenting a talk on children's health issues and a chiropractic perspective on how parents can care for their children in E. Setuaket, which is easy to Read more


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've known Scott for many, many, years but you don't do biz with folks you know so I asked him for a referral to a ENT because I was suffering from vertigo for a few years and it was driving me nuts. He said, "Just come here and let's see what's up." He wanted to run x-rays first so he asked if I was pregnant. I said I wasn't but that we've been trying for about a year. He said that he wouldn't be surprised if I got pregnant after a few adjustments. Well, he was right on all counts! My vertigo was gone after about a visit or two and I was pregnant within the month! ... he's been helping with my pregnancy woes and pains and no reoccurrence of vertigo!"
    Sharon R. - Hauppauge, NY
  • "Everyone at Smithtown Wellness goes out of their way to create a positive environment that is conducive to good health. Dr. Scott is very knowledgable and is always willing to share that information with others. We began seeing Dr. Scott while my partner was pregnant with our second daughter. His expertise facilitated a beautiful home birth by ensuring proper alignment of the pelvis. Our newborn had her first adjustment at just 10 days old!! Smithtown Wellness is more than a business, its a family of people that really care."
    Justin M. - Mt. Sinai, NY